Mercedes C63 AMG Dunlop-Performance by Wimmer RS

Tuners from Wimmer RS studio specifically for the event Tuner’s Grand Prix prepared revised version of the Mercedes C63 AMG, which was named Dunlop-Performance. Racing meroprityaie conducted in German track of Hockenheim, where the car is submitted took the second place. So, go through the procedure, which includes a package AMG Performance Package Plus. All this has allowed to remove the 6.3-liter AMG V8 additional 53 hp It resulted in a total of 540 hp kickback As a result, acceleration from zero to hundred C63 AMG tuning have been reduced to 4.4 seconds, and its top speed is electronically limited to 308 km/h. In addition, experts from Wimmer RS equipped sedan and a sport suspension “shod” in its high-performance low-profile tires Dunlop Sportmaxx GT.


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