New Mercedes-Benz Vito minivan 2017, prices and equipment

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new generation of Vito minivan, which was the first car in the class available in versions with front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive.
Externally, the new Mercedes Vito (2016) in the style shown earlier V-Class with a similar design head optics and grille. This Vito is more simple and utilitarian model.
The car is available in three different lengths: 4895 mm, 5140 and 5 370. The maximum height is 1910 mm and the load, depending on the modification, ranging from 1,289 to 1,396 kg.
Body minivan Mercedes-Benz Vito III may be the passenger (version Vito Tourer), and-freight (Vito Mixto) and exclusively cargo (Vito Crew). In the cabin, compared to its predecessor, it has become more comfortable, redesigned front panel, steering wheel and instrument panel and the center console display shows multimedia system.
For a car available exclusively turbodiesel powertrains. The base front-drive version can be equipped with a 1.6-liter engine capacity of 88 hp (230 Nm) and 114 hp (270 nm). This version of the Vito 109 CDI and Vito 111 CDI, respectively.
Minivans with rear-wheel drive and available with a 2.15-liter diesel engine available in return options 136, 163 and 190 horsepower. This modification Vito 114 CDI, 116 CDI and Vito Vito 119 BlueTec.
All Single-acting version of the Mercedes-Benz Vito (2015-2016) is in the base 6-speed manual transmission, except for the top-end, which is equipped with a 7-band automatic 7G-Tronic Plus. Last placed also on all-wheel-drive minivan modification and is available at an extra charge for cars with engines 114 CDI and 116 CDI.
the new Mercedes Vito Sales in Germany started in ok bare at a price of 17,990 euros for the initial version. Later, a car and got to the markets of other countries. We have for the new Mercedes Vito 2016 asking from $30,000.

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