Mercedes-Benz resumed production ascetic G-Class

At the end of May 2016 Mercedes-Benz has resumed full-scale production of the simplest version of the model G-Class – G 350 d Professional. The Germans are not only equipped with the new off-road engine, but upgraded its electronics. The motion G-Class Professional results in a 3.0-liter diesel V6, which develops 245 hp and 600 Nm (torque available peak 1 600 to 2 400 rev/min). Works engine mated to a seven-step automatic. From zero to hundreds SUV accelerates in 8.8 seconds and its maximum speed can reach 160 km/h. Claimed fuel consumption when driving in the combined cycle is 9.9 liters per 100 km. The ground clearance is 245 mm (+ 10 mm compared with a conventional G-Class). Also, at 6 and 9 degrees increased angles of entry and exit, which is now accounted for 36 and 39 degrees respectively. The Mercedes claim that the new G-Class Professional is capable of fording depth of up to 0.6 m. Utilitarian SUV got a matte black grille and wheels are the same, “shod” in the dimension 265/70 tires. The vehicle interior is also quite austere. Chairs have a simplified trim and entertainment system, and non-existent. Furthermore, it provided in the floor drain hole. Of the additional options available for the Professional roof rack with ladder, lighting protection, trim a tree trunk floor, steps, steel front bumper with winch mounts, and special nets for stowage. In Germany, taking orders for Mercedes G 350 d Professional launched June 1, 2016. Buy “ascetic” SUV can be a minimum of 79,900 euros.

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