Mercedes-Benz C63 T AMG Supersport by Kicherer

German tuners from Kicherer studio presented a modified Mercedes C63 AMG T Supersport wagon, built on the basis of the “charged” C63 AMG T-model. If someone from the owners of this car 451 seem insufficient forces, which gives the base 6.3-liter V8, the engineers Kicherer offer increased power to 550 hp Peak torque thereof will also grow from the standard 600 to 640 Nm. Tuned C63 AMG wagon boasts a maximum speed of 320 km/h and acceleration time from zero to hundreds he takes only 4.2 seconds.

foto-c63-amg-t-supersport_01-650x410 foto-c63-amg-t-supersport_03-650x379 foto-c63-amg-t-supersport_02-650x433

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