Mercedes-Benz has brought to Tokyo unmanned minivan

At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015 Mercedes-Benz company presented a futuristic concept car Vision Tokyo, which is a minivan people-oriented generation Z, that is born after 1995.
Outside Mercedes Vision Tokyo Concept stands out huge 26-inch wheels, wide door that opens up by folding along the roof, truly gigantic grille, a panoramic windscreen, body-colored side windows and the plurality of illuminating elements.
Overall length of the prototype is 4803 millimeters, width – 2100 height – 1 600. In general, model dimensions are comparable to the car Mercedes-Benz Citan-Class, but last a bit longer, higher and narrower concept.
Inside Mercedes Vision Tokyo has a large U-shaped sofa for up to five people, including the driver. But the latter is no problem to join the company of passengers since the prototype is equipped with an autonomous control.
One of the key pieces of the concept is the ability to interact with a variety of entertainment systems using holograms, which are projected directly in the center of the cabin – this from the automakers did not show nobody.
The movement leads Mercedes Vision Tokyo electric power plant on fuel cells, energy for work which produces a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. The manufacturer announces a cruising range of the prototype at 980 kilometers, but the technical characteristics of the installation does not specify.

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