Mercedes-AMG GT R was the fastest and most powerful car safety Formula 1, of those that have ever been used in the championship. In this post, he changed the version of AMG GT S. The service car received an aerodynamic body kit, special body stickers and signal lights on the roof. The latter is fixed on a special carbon pedestal, the shape of which contributes to better aerodynamics. In the cabin of the Safety Car there is a pair of iPad tablets, one of which displays a picture from the broadcast of the races, and the second schematically shows the position of the cars on the track. Plus in the cockpit, there is a device for radio communication with the organizers of races. Among other features of the new safety car of the Formula-1 is worth noting carbon-ceramic brakes, safety cage, and fully-controlled chassis. In the movement of GT R leads a standard 4.0-liter V8 engine with two turbines, developing 585 hp. and 700 Nm. Such a motor allows the two-door to accelerate from zero to hundreds in 3.6 seconds, speeding up to 318 km/h.