Tuners from PP-Performance Chip studio prepared for “charged” sedan the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG S, as well as the AMG GT S supercar. Its installation will cost customers just 2899 euros, against the background of the cost of these vehicles is a mere trifle.
This flashing 510-strong control block 4.0-liter engine V8 biturbo in the C63 can increase its return to 613 hpand 769 Nm of torque versus baseline of 700 Nm. Tuners removed from the model, speed limiter, so that the revised sedan is able to recruit 307 km/h, and acceleration to hundreds he spends 3.6 seconds instead of 4.0 seconds. in the standard version.
As for the Mercedes-AMG GT, here the default is the same engine, but with slightly different settings. In the factory version, it develops 510 “horses” and 650 Nm of torque, and a chip from PP-Performance has been published for 610 power and 764 Nm. As a result, the maximum speed added 13 km/h – up to 324 kilometers per hour, and the acceleration time from zero to hundreds fell by the same 0.4 seconds as in the case of the C63 modified -. Now it is 3.4 seconds.
But that’s not all. For a fee of 2,499 euros tuners offer the installation of both the exhaust system of the car without a catalytic converter, with which the motor output to grow by 33 “horses”, plus 199 euros worth of racing air filter.

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