The Brabus studio modified the 510-strong coupe Mercedes-AMG GT S, preparing for him a complete set of tuning: modified engine, aerodynamics kits and wheels, upgraded suspension and a set of accessories for the interior. As a result, tuning Mercedes-AMG GT S of Brabus sports a carbon fiber body kit with a front splitter, side “skirts”, a spoiler on the trunk lid, pads on the air intakes in the front wings and the diffuser. For interior decoration tuners offer metal pedals, scuff plates with backlit company logo mats. In addition, the companies are willing to make a personalized interior supercar to meet any customer’s requirements. As for the engine, the 4.0-liter V8 biturbo under the hood AMG GT S package got Brabus PowerXtra B40 600 with increased boost pressure, and the migrated systems injection and ignition. As a result of its increased recoil forces 90 and 100 Nm – 600 “horse” (at 6400 rev/min) and 750 Nm (at 4800 rev/min). Now place a hundred 600-hp Brabus Mercedes-AMG GTS S accelerates in 3.6 seconds (0.2 sec. Faster than the standard, and the top speed increased to 15 km/h – up to 325 kilometers per hour). Also, experts Brabus established supercar sports suspension with several preset options for clearance and a titanium exhaust system (it is 40% lighter than the factory) with adjustable valves. The cost of improvements is not specified.

foto-brabus-gt-s_02foto-brabus-gt-s_06foto-brabus-gt-s_05foto-brabus-gt-s_04foto-brabus-gt-s_01-650x433 foto-brabus-gt-s_03-650x433