New Mercedes-AMG G63 2018

Charged off-road Mercedes-AMG G63 2018 in the new W464 body officially declassified in February, and its world premiere will be held in March at the Geneva Motor Show. It took literally a month at the time of the presentation of the new Gelendewagen, and the German automaker already hurried to bring out the “sixty-third” modification. It is not surprising because this version accounts for up to half of the sales of all Helicons in the main markets for it. The new model Mercedes-AMG G63 2018-2019 (photo and price) differs from the source with a standard set of elements. The grille has received vertical ribs, the wheel arches are further expanded to 21 or 22 inches discs, brake calipers painted red, and from under the rear doors on both sides, there were two oval exhaust pipes, as in the predecessor. For example, versions G 500 they are not laid. If you compare the new gelendewagen 63 with the car of the previous generation, then it retained all the features of the car, but at the same time the body became wider, the lighting technology changed, all the body gaps became smaller, and the petrol tank cover moved under the right rear window. The most important thing for buyers is the image of a brutal angular SUV that has not gone anywhere. But in the cabin there was a real revolution – now at least no one will wonder why this car is so expensive. First, the interior of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 (W464) looks really modern – what are the trendy steering wheel from the S63 and two large 10.25-inch displays on the front panel (one plays the role of a dashboard, and the second is responsible for multimedia). Secondly, it finally became more spacious and more convenient. The car has received new armchairs, armrests, coasters, and the second row can easily sit three together, and the backs are adjusted by the angle. The company pulled up the quality of finishing materials, so that now “Ji Six and Three” can be called even luxurious.


The movement of the Mercedes-AMG G63 2018 results in a 4.0-liter V8 Biturbo, the power of which here is 585 hp. and 850 Nm, available in the range of 2,500 to 3,500 rpm. It is combined with a nine-band automatic AMG Speedshift TCT 9G, and to save fuel, the engine is equipped with a half-cylinder shut-off function for small loads. As a result, the acceleration from zero to a hundred SUV weighing 2 485 kg (characteristics) takes only 4.5 seconds, and its maximum speed is limited to electronics at 220 km/h (with the optional AMG Driver’s Package this bar will be pushed to the mark of 240 kilometers at one o’clock). Let’s remember now what happened before. The former G 63 is equipped with a 5-liter biter turbo with a volume of 5.5 liters per 571 hp. (760 Nm) and 7-speed automatic transmission. To accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h it takes 5.4 seconds, and the maximum speed there is 210 km/h. As with the usual Gelendewagen, the version from AMG received a new front independent suspension with double wishbones, and behind it – a continuous bridge with four longitudinal levers on each side and a rod of Panar. AMG Ride Control adaptive shock absorbers with various operating modes are included in standard equipment. At the same time, the car did not lose its off-road abilities. Here, the all-wheel drive AMG Performance 4Matic (by default the traction is distributed in a ratio of 40:60 in favor of the rear axle), there is a blockage of the front and rear differentials, and the interaxle is controlled by an electronically controlled clutch with the function of forced closing. The ground clearance on the new Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 2018 is 241 mm, the average fuel consumption in the mixed cycle is declared at the level of 13.2 liters per hundred (-0.6 liters), the list of modes of control electronics is “Sand” , “Trail” and “Rock”, and “Sport Plus” was added, which provides loud re-emissions of the regulated exhaust. How much is Acceptance of orders for an SUV starts in March, and the first cars will reach in about June 2018. Another thing is that the options can easily add another two or three million to the initial price, but who cares? For a surcharge, for example, go head diode multibeam optics, multi-contour chairs with automatic adjustments of lateral support and lumbar support, memory, heating, ventilation and massage, Edition 1 package with red accents inside and out, Night Parquet and much more.

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