First Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (Mercedes-AMG GT) supercar will appear at dealers until next year, and in the German MEC Design tuning company has prepared three options finalization. “We’re very excited,” says Cem Altun – CEO of MEC Design. “The new Mercedes SLS, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, has become a classic like his famous forefather Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing. The new SLS a bunch of received positive reviews, and we look forward to when we can get the first car in its own hands. ” Figures MEC Design presents what might look like tuning Mercedes SLS AMG from this company. The other image shows the rear of the supercar, received the spoiler, the diffuser, as well as signature oval pipes of the exhaust system, the sound of which promises to please the ear.

mercedes-sls-amg-mec-design_03-650x422 mercedes-sls-amg-mec-design_02-650x422 mercedes-sls-amg-mec-design_01-650x422