New McLaren P1 GTR 1,000 hp track hypercar 2017

In August 2014 the competition automobile elegance at Pebble Beach McLaren Automotive Company showed a track modification P1, which has received a prefix to the name GTR. Its final version was presented at the motor show in Geneva, March 2015 along with the new the McLaren 675 LT. Track hypercar release small circulation (approximately in the amount of 45 pieces) and get it can only owners of the road version P1. As expected, the top-end McLaren P1 GTR was a forced up to 916 hp 1000 hybrid power plant (where the 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo develops 800 forces, and the electric motor provides additional 200 “horses”), more aggressive appearance with extended 80mm front track and the reduced by 50 mm ground clearance. At P1 GTR retractable wing replaced by static (with preservation system DRS) – its surface is 100 mm higher than the P1 standard in the maximum raised position. Track hypercar put on 19-inch alloy wheels with central locking, “shod” in the racing slicks, and is equipped with a pneumatic jack for quick change of wheels – the same set on previously submitted coupe the McLaren 650S Sprint. And for better cooling systems and components of the vehicle body is dotted with lots of air intakes. In addition, the designers managed to reduce the weight of the McLaren P1 GTR 50 kg, compared to the source code. It managed to achieve this by replacing the side windows on the polycarbonate analogs and installation of newly developed exhaust system, made by technology of Formula 1 with a special titanium and nickel-chrome superalloy. Inside track machines installed new carbon-fiber steering wheel, instrument panel and other racing-bucket seat for the driver. Release McLaren P1 GTR should begin in mid-2015, after the manufacturer will build all 375 road version P1. In addition, it will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the legendary supercar race the McLaren F1 GTR (chassis number 06R), won the 24-hour race at Le Mans in 1995.

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It was in honor of him and painted a modern successor. But this price will also include consultations with specialists in physical training pilots of the World Cup, the work of one of racing simulators McLaren, and also participated in six international racing. It is possible that stored and maintained all McLaren P1 GTR will be directly from the manufacturer – in the same way work is organized program FXX in the Ferrari company. And according to customer his car will be delivered to any race track. At the beginning of July 2015, the first manufacturer was already 42 orders.

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