Mclaren will not make a crossover

The McLaren company was not going to, is not going and will not develop a crossover that could compete with Lamborghini Urus. Instead, the company will focus on creating new sports models.

Quite a bold statement, because it was the crossover that helped to survive Porsche, and today the SUV segment was taken and the manufacturers of supercars. Already presented Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari also confirmed the development of sports crossover, it is rumored that a similar model may appear in Bugatti.

However, McLaren managed to survive by producing only sports cars. Thanks to the optimization of expenses for their development and production (for example, almost the same models are based on the same monocoque) and the production of super-exclusive exclusive special series behind which queues are built, the British not only remain profitable but also invest in their development. and also contain a team in Formula 1.

The probability of creating a McLaren crossover rejected the chief designer of the Dan Parry-Williams company. According to him, the cars of the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) segment are neither sporty nor utilitarian. In addition, they completely contradict the concept of McLaren, so that the company will simply increase the number of sports cars.

According to the plan Track22 from 2016 to 2022 the company will bring to the market 15 new supercars and their modifications. Some of them have already been presented (and the production of some has already ceased), but in the next four years we are waiting for at least four completely new models of the British company.

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