McLaren and BMW Company jointly develop a new generation of engines that will be not only more powerful but also more environmentally friendly existing powertrains.
Officially, the project will lead the experts of the British brand, and the Germans will join as a partner in development. It also will connect the project company of Ricardo, which is the current partner of McLaren for the production of engines, with the company Grainger and Worrall will be engaged in casting technology and Lentus Composites will be responsible for the supply of composite materials. In addition, the project will attend the University of British experts Bath.

This is not the first collaboration between the two technology. In 1992 he saw the light of the supercar McLaren F1, which is equipped with 6.1-liter V12 power of 627 hp (479 Nm), created in the twelve-block engine from the BMW 750i.

The UK government has promised to take over half of all costs for the project by funding development through research organization Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). The total project cost is estimated at about 28 million pounds (about 32.5 million euros).
Specialists McLaren and BMW have set themselves the task to increase the capacity of power units without increasing their volume, and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It is expected that the first new McLaren engine will be ready by 2020, information about its characteristics yet.

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