To replace track McLaren MP12C GT3 Sprint coupe came upgraded modification 650S Sprint, the first public demonstration which will be held in mid-August 2014 at the competition of automotive elegance at Pebble Beach. Note that the normal version of the McLaren 650S is accelerated from zero to hundred in 3.0 seconds and its top speed reaches 333 km/h. But the company said that the main task was to make the 650S Sprint fast cornering, but not to increase the maximum speed. To improve handling supercar received a carbon splitter and rear wing, increasing downforce, reduced ground clearance, active suspension suspension ProActive Chassis Control and upgraded brakes, along with re-calibrated system Brake Steer, to slow down near the top of the rotation of the rear wheel. In addition, the establishment of McLaren 650S Sprint 19-inch wheels with central locking, the increased volume of the fuel tank with the neck for fast refueling and pneumatic jacks for quick change of wheels. The front panel is finished with carbon fiber, the windshield can be replaced by a lighter analogue of polycarbonate, and the center console has been simplified, although the air conditioning at the same time preserved. Price McLaren 650S Sprint track is at least 198,000 pounds against 190,000 for the base coupe. This racing version of the 650S GT3 has already cost 330,000 pounds.

foto-650s-sprint_01foto-650s-sprint_02-650x433 foto-650s-sprint_03-650x433