For a supercar McLaren 570S become available sport package Track Pack, the installation of which will reduce vehicle weight and improve downforce at high speeds. McLaren 570S with established track package was on 25 kg lighter than a conventional coupe version. To achieve this result the British succeeded by replacing the sports seats for analogs with carbon frame, as well as by the complete abandonment of leather upholstery to Alcantara. In addition, the car set the ultralight wheels. Wing drive Service Track extends 12 mm higher than the normal version of the model. At a speed of 240 km/h this solution provides an additional 29 kg of downforce. Plus the equipment included telemetry recording system, which is equipped with McLaren 675LT and the P1. The latter provides the driver with information on both the passage of a full circle, and its individual sectors, as well as graphics with speed and other useful statistics for the analysis of the races. Note that the recording telemetry system can provide information for both single and multiple pilots. McLaren specialists will install the sport package on supercars 570S in early 2017. In the UK, a program of completions can be booked for 16,500 pounds ($ 20,600).

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