McLaren 570GT – a third modification of the model of the range Sport Series, which is joined to the versions of 540C and 570S. The company’s new product is positioned as a vehicle for everyday and a full Gran Turismo for comfortable traveling long distances.
To this end, the manufacturer had to go to extraordinary steps are not specific when creating new McLaren models. For example, the chassis of the car has been reconfigured in the direction of the softness, the stiffness of the springs for which the front and back were reduced by 15 and 10%, respectively.
In addition, especially for McLaren 570GT changed the electronics settings, in charge of the work of the adaptive shock absorbers, anti-roll bars have changed and the wheels, “shod” in Pirelli P Zero tires are special designed to reduce noise from the tires.
The exhaust system is placed on the younger version of McLaren 540S (quieter compared to that goes to 570S), the gear ratio electro-hydraulic steering system has been reduced by 2%, and powerful carbon-ceramic brakes that require warm, replaced by a more simple iron-aluminum ones.
However, the engine on the McLaren 570 GT was modified by a top model – a 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo 570 hp(600 Nm), which is combined in a pair with seven-speed robotized transmission with two clutches. Note that supercar weight increased by 37 kg compared to the McLaren 570S, and amounted to 1 350 kg.
As a result, acceleration from zero to hundred 570GT Coupe spends 3.4 seconds (0.2 seconds), and 200 km/h model is gaining in 9.8 sec (0.3 sec), but the maximum speed is the same – 328 kilometers hour. Outside, the car produces reworked rear end with a transparent hood in the engine compartment area.
He leans to one side, allowing access to the 220-liter luggage niche under. Coupled with a 150-liter compartment in the front, it appears that the car can take away up to 370 liters of luggage. The interior of the new McLaren 570GT sports a leather trim and electric seats (with memory) and the steering column.
Also coupe equipped with front and rear parking sensors, and the doors are closed smoother and quieter. Plus, standard on supercar came panoramic roof. McLaren 570GT Sales start in 2016 at a price of 214,600 dollars.

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