New McLaren 540C Coupe 2017, prices and equipment

At the Shanghai Motor Show 2015 in late April debut McLaren 540C, which is a bit simpler and less powerful version shown earlier the 570S supercar. Earlier, the British automaker has done a similar move with the McLaren 650S model, firing at its base modification 625C derated by 25 power engine and chassis migrated. According to the company, this version is better suited for everyday use. As for the new McLaren 540C, it is a 3.8-liter engine V8 twin-turbo produces 540 hp against 570 in the original version of the 570S. On acceleration from zero to hundred McLaren 540C Coupe requires 3.5 seconds, 0.3 seconds. longer index 570S. The mark of 200 km/h the car overcomes after 10.8 seconds after the start of the (± 1.0 s), and the maximum speed reaches 320 km/h (- 8 km/h). The engine is equipped with a default “start/stop”, the average fuel consumption in the combined cycle is declared at the level of 11.0 l/100 km. Outside McLaren 540S aerodynamics kits I was more modest in comparison with the source, as well as other design wheels (front there are 19-inch wheels, and rear – 20 inch). Interior models are upholstered in leather and generally repeats itself on a more powerful version. In contrast to the 625S, which is available exclusively on the Asian market, the new McLaren 540C decided to sell globally. Price supercar starts from 126,000 pounds sterling (almost 15,000 pounds cheaper 570S), and the first customers will receive their cars in early 2016.

foto-540c_02foto-540c_01-650x433 foto-540c_03-650x433

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