Mazda6 found problems with brakes

The recall concerns only those cars that have been equipped with a “handle” with a cable drive. In the course of the investigation conducted by the company, it was found out that on some machines there might be a poor tightness of the protective cover of the rear brake caliper, especially at low ambient temperature, water can get into the caliper.

As a result, the formation of corrosion, which will cause increased resistance when moving the shaft drive parking brake. Probably jamming of the corroding shaft in the caliper housing, which can lead to wedging of the brakes during the movement and to a decrease in the braking force of the parking brake.

On vehicles of the Mazda 6, the parking brake actuator shafts in the left and right rear brake calipers will be inspected. In case of detection of corrosion marks on the drive shaft, the assembly of the brake caliper will be replaced with a modified one. In the absence of corrosion marks on the drive shaft, the protective cover will be replaced with a modified cover.

All repair work will be free of charge for the owners.

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