Head of research and development company Mazda Kiyoshi Fujiwara told reporters that in 2021 the Japanese brand will launch its first hybrid model, recharge the battery which can be from a household power socket. In addition, the Mazda lineup replenished with several new models with power units “mild hybrid”, where technical stuffing will consist of a low-power internal combustion engines and electric motors, which will be activated at low loads. The manufacturer also designs and full electric vehicles, but the timing of their appearance on the market of a top manager could not identify. Fujiwara said that Mazda relies on eco-friendly model with the introduction of more stringent requirements by the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

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However, to abandon the internal combustion engine in the company are not going, and now the Japanese engineers are working to improve petrol units, planning to increase their efficiency by about 50% in 2020.

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