Mazda has patented a triple-supercharged engine

Mazda is developing a motor with two conventional turbines and a supercharger on the electric drive. The Japanese have already registered a triple-supercharged engine in the US patent office. In the description of the patent, it is noted that the electric blower here works only at low engine speeds, thereby compensating for the delay of classical turbines. At the same time, to ensure the operation of the electric blower, Mazda specialists plan to use the company’s i-Eloop energy recuperation system. On patent schemes, the triple-charged engine is used in a configuration for a rear-wheel drive vehicle. Note that at the moment in the model line of the company there is only one car with a rear drive – this is the MX-5 roadster. The line of power units of the latter is represented by 1.5- and 2.0-liter engines, developing 141 and 182 hp. respectively. It is possible that in the future MX-5 can be ordered with a new engine.

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