New Mazda MX-5 RF 2017, prices and equipment

The new Mazda MX-5, the fourth generation has got a modification of the RF (short for “Retractable Fastback”), the premiere of which took place within the New York International Auto Show 2016. The main difference with this version is a completely new design of the convertible top.
Initially, the roadster was only available with a fabric roof, while the Mazda MX-5 RF 2016 is equipped with a metal. In this case, a special compartment is removed, only the central part of the roof (glass for the back seat is lowered), and the side sections to the uprights and windows return.
Transformation takes 12.0 seconds and can be done on the fly, if the vehicle speed is below 10 km/h. Cargo capacity with the folded top here is the same 130 liters, which is the normal MX-5.
Do not change dimensions and model, except for the height, which increased by 5 mm (up to 1240). The length is 3915 mm, the size of the wheelbase – 2 315, width – 1 730. But the weight of the roof with the mechanism of transformation is not specified (the predecessor it was 34 kg).
For the new Mazda MX-5 RF 2017 in the company offered a special version of the gray color of the body “Machine Grey” (a crossover made ​​its debut on the CX-9 2), and the very roof can be either black or painted in the body color. As part of the equipment manufacturer notes that the model was slightly retuned suspension and steering.
Engines offered here are the same as for the standard Roadster. This petrol units working volume of 1.5 (141 hp) and 2.0 (182 hp) liter, which are combined in a pair with a six-speed manual or automatic transmissions. The dynamic characteristics of Mazda MX-5 RF are not called.
Sales of the car will start at the end of 2016, will be announced at the same time and price.

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