New Mazda Flair Wagon 2018

At the end of December 2017 in Japan, the world premiere of micro Mazda Flair Wagon and Flair Wagon Custom Style. Both models are based on Suzuki Spacia but have a brighter design.

The usual Mazda Flair Wagon 2018 has a fairly traditional exterior for the class of key cars, while the model has a pronounced beltline, which, according to the designers of the brand, is intended to emphasize the compact dimensions of the model (in particular, its small width).

As for the Custom Style version, it stands out with a more flashy exterior design. The front part here received a unique design and a massive grille, the edges of which “merge” with the LED headlights. Exterior modifications are also designed to emphasize decorative inserts of chrome and round fog.

Of the features of the new Mazda Flair Wagon, it is worth noting the massive dial of the speedometer and the small digital screen of the onboard computer that comes behind it. The car received a “sports” steering wheel, and on the central console in a stylish frame is a large display of a multimedia system.

Specialists of the company claim that, in comparison with the original Suzuki Spacia, their model has a slightly more spacious interior. In addition, they also optimized access to the cockpit. The line of power units of the model is represented by two 660-cubic motors.

The basic engine develops 52 hp. and 60 Nm, while a more powerful turbocharged engine produces 64 forces and 98 Nm of torque. As a transmission in both cases is a stepless variator. The drive is the default front, and the full one is offered as an option.

Note that the Mazda Flair Wagon 2018 is a so-called “soft hybrid”, that is, the microvan is equipped with a small electric motor for 3 hp. and 50 Nm, which helps the ICE at start and acceleration.

Flair The car can boast of a rather rich equipment. Already in the base, the car is equipped with automatic switching from far-to-near, collision avoidance system and an alert function when leaving the occupied band.

Buy Mazda Flair Wagon and its modification Custom Style will be available in Japan from February 2018 at a price of 1,333,800 to 1,908,360 yen (from 11,777 to 16,850 dollars).

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