New Mazda CX-4 2017, prices and equipment

At the auto show in Beijing in late April 2016, the Japanese presented the production version of the concept of the Mazda Koeru, which was first shown at the motor show in Frankfurt in the autumn of 2015. The car was named Mazda CX-4. Of course, external serial Mazda CX-4 (2016-2017) does not look as impressive as a prototype, but the appearance of the model turned out pretty interesting – with a sloping roof, branded grille, narrow light engineering in the style of the new CX-9 II and relief sidewalls. At the base are wheels 17 inches, and the top-end version of the default put 19-inch wheels. Making the model interior is made in the style of the Mazda 3 with a similar instrument panel and center console, as well as sticking out of the front of the screen multimedia system. Overall length of the new Mazda CX-4 2016 is 4633 mm, width – 1840, height – 1535, and the size of the wheelbase is 2700 millimeters. Thus, the car was slightly longer (+ 78) and lower (- 175), the CX-5 crossover, on which the chassis and built coupe form SUV. The volume model boot is 400 liters, and with folded backrest back sofa (they fold in the ratio 60:40) the volume of the compartment increases to 1228 liters. Stated ground clearance (clearance) Mazda CX-4 is 196 mm, which is 14 fewer than at the source. By the way, the suspension is slightly retuned to improve the handling, but it did not at the expense of comfort. As powertrains SUV received two four-cylinder petrol engine working volume of 2.0 (157 hp) and 2.5 (191 hp) liter family SkyActiv. The first combined in a pair with a six-speed manual and automatic transmissions and automatic transmissions masthead put exclusively. The equipment also includes the complete drive system i-ACTIV AWD and recovery of kinetic energy i-ELOOP. It is noteworthy that sell Mazda CX-4 was originally planned only in China, but later the car gets up to other markets. Information on prices for a novelty not, and equipment list includes multimedia MZD Connect with Bluetooth, USB and navigation, head-up display, automatic parking function and many security systems.

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