The Japanese edition of Car Sensor reports that the Mazda6 sedan of the next, the fourth generation, can be built on a rear-wheel drive platform, which the automaker will “borrow” from Toyota. Recall that the current Mazda 6 is based on the front-wheel drive chassis, where the front is set up MacPherson, and the rear – mnogorychazhka. In this case, journalists believe that the transition to the rear-wheel drive “trolley” is associated with a new brand strategy, which provides for a transition to a different positioning of the “six”. It is expected that with the change of generation the sedan will become more luxurious. In Mazda not only change the design of the model, but also significantly improve its equipment. As for the range of power units, the four-door can be ordered with the gasoline engines of the new SkyActive-X family, in which ignition of the fuel mixture is carried out by compression, that is, as in diesel engines. The torque of such motors is approximately 10-20% higher than that of the existing SkyActive-G family of powerplants, while their fuel efficiency is comparable to that of diesel engines. The company expects to use a new rear-wheel-drive platform and as a basis for the production version of the Mazda RX Vision concept , while the Mazda 6 of the fourth generation will appear only in 2025.