The development of the Maybach 57 began in 1998. It was then made the first drawings that German experts have realized only a few years later. First model was a concept version, and then (in 2002), the Germans finally presented the production version of the car. Interestingly, the index 57 indicates the length of the vehicle, which is 5730 mm. As for the width and height, these settings are 1950 and 1550 millimeters respectively. The wheelbase of the car – 3480 mm. Despite its massive size, Maybach 57 looks very elegant and presentable. Design of the car German rigorous, and in the guise of a sedan no superfluous details. The design of the Maybach 57 is taken modified platform from Mercedes-benz S-Class W140. A distinctive feature of the body of the car is its highest strength. It fully meets the stringent requirements of active and passive safety, providing outstanding shockproof performance. In addition to a more powerful engine, Maybach 57 S has a more sporty exterior design. Both versions are equipped with 5-speed automatic transmission.
Maximum speed at the base and a special (S) versions of the sedan is limited at around 250 km/h, but the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h for vehicles different. Standard dispersed to hundred in 5.2 seconds, and the Maybach 57 S does it in 4.9 seconds. It is not bad for a car with a mass in running order up to 2 660 kg. The Maybach 57 is one of the most luxurious models of the company, both in terms of variety of technological innovations, and to equip the interior. At the time of its release model has all of the most innovative technologies. So, the car has an independent pneumatic multi-link suspension Airmatic, electrohydraulic brake system Sensotronic Brake Control, and more. A work of art is a front lighting sedan. It consists of four xenon lights, which are combined in the two blocks. Distribution headlights and adjust its intensity automatically. Car Systems analyze the current situation on the road and choose the most suitable mode. For example, when driving in the city lights illuminate the area directly in front of the driver, but on suburban highway system involve additional spotlight, illuminating the road much further. As for the interior, its design and equipment is also at an appropriate level. Interestingly, the company offers its customers to participate personally in the interior of the car purchased. You could not just choose a color scheme, but also the texture of materials and lighting levels. In finishing salon Maybach 57 used high-quality leather, fine wood, semi-precious minerals, and even gold. The Maybach 57 sold until mid-2012, but then the series production model has been rolled, and stopped the release of not only the 57th model, but also all other car brands. In the Daimler made the decision on liquidation of the brand, the cause of which have become extremely low sales. According to the company in 2011, it has sold only 160 copies of the car brand Maybach. Today, the Maybach 57 to buy a brand new problematic, with the price of the car starts at $311,000. The cost of a used sedan much lower – you can find options of $65,600.

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