New Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale 2016, prices and equipment

The Maserati company has brought to the Paris Motor Show 2010 “charged” version of the GranTurismo coupe, get the name of MC Stradale. According to the creators, the most powerful, fastest and easiest car in the current model range. Outwardly distinguished by aerodynamic coupe, provides increased downforce and improve cooling of the engine and the brakes. The body kit includes a front splitter, hood and front fenders with additional air intakes, and a new rear bumper with integrated diffuser and a rear spoiler.

Packaging and prices Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
MC Stradale $184,000 4.7 petrol (450 hp) Automatic (6) rear

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Stradale has been reduced by 110 kg (up to 1770 kg), compared to the version GranTurismo S. Basically, this was achieved at the expense of dismantling the second-row seats, as well as the replacement of the front seats sports carbon fiber buckets. Safety cage in the cabin and a 4-point seatbelts are optional. MC Stradale maximum speed exceeds 300 km/h and acceleration time from zero to hundreds of takes 4.5 seconds. In addition, the car equipped with a powerful carbon-ceramic brakes and high-performance tires Pirelli. The sale of the new product appeared in February 2011, th on most global markets except the US, Canada and Korea.


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