Marussia is preparing to conquer Europe

At the motor show in Geneva in 2012 the stand of the Finnish company Valmet Automotive attracts visitors unusual sports coupe gray matte color. This is a Russian supercar Marussia B2, which is the assembly at the end of the year to settle in Finland.
Model B2 will be the first vehicle developed in Russia, the issue is settled in Europe. The planned volume of the assembly is about one and a half thousand cars a year, but only Marussia is planning to implement in the next year, about a thousand cars.
To achieve this, the company is preparing to expand the sales network. So in May of this year, it plans to open a showroom in Monaco and in 2013 in Europe should work for seven auto Marussia.
Also worth noting is that the supercar B2 will get a new 550-horsepower engine, but what it will be for the engine – not yet reported. From the previously established firm Cosworth engines, it was decided to refuse.


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