Mark Webber to pole position has won the Monaco Grand Prix in 2012, becoming the sixth winner in the last six races this season. And this is truly a historic event – this in Formula 1 have not been more than ever. And most importantly – is not the limit, because in two weeks in Canada, it is the victory of Lews Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen, the differences may also Michael Schumacher and Roman, as well as other riders. Together with Mark on the podium at the end of the last race went Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso. Fourth with minimal lag Sebastian Vettel finished. And now in the standings Spaniard went into the lead, and Red Bull pilots tied for second and third places, so that the density of the results after six races is incredible. At the start of the Grand Prix there was contact between Michael Schumacher and Roman Grosjean, for the second time this year. For the latest clash has led to a momentary descent. Schumacher continued to fight, but to go the distance on his Mercedes again having mechanical problems that forced the seven-time world champion to go the distance. Black stripe for Michael continues – it has only two points after six races against 59 his team-mate Nico. Earlier, a similar situation was Felipe Massa, but the Brazilian in Monaco, several rehabilitated. Shows a sixth time in qualifying, after the start of a long time Felipe was close behind Alonso, but not a good tactic Massa brushed back. However, at the finish he was sixth, behind Vettel and Lewis Hamilton (5th place). British piloted correctly, but his team was not without tactical blunders. Yet even a better result compared to the gathering of Button, which is due to an accident at the start Grosjean pulled back at the end of the peloton most of the race and struggled with Heikki. As is known, to overtake in Monaco is almost impossible, so another attack on Finn Button over contact and the subsequent reversal. Once again chided on the strategy of his team may Kimi Raikkonen. The Lotus waited until the last start of the rain, which still can not begin. As a result, worn tires, Kimi seriously lost pace and after a pit stop lags well behind lidirueschey group finished only ninth. In front of him appeared the two pilots of the team Force India – Paul di Resta (7th place) and Nico (9th place). And ten locked Bruno Senna of Williams. But the rain still went, just a few laps to go. However, he was quite small, so for intermediate tires, none of the leaders did not go into the pits. Bugs and no one made, and the first four finished just a half seconds. Now we are waiting for the Canadian Grand Prix in two weeks where the race usually are more abundant on overtaking and other events.