Having started from second place, Mark Webber won the British Grand Prix 2012, which, contrary to all predictions, was held in warm and sunny weather without rain, annoy teams and fans on Friday and Saturday. At the start of the race Fernando Alonso kept his lead, while the top ten only Spaniard and Lewis Hamilton have chosen for the first segment of the distance over the hard tires – all the others started on the tires Soft. We have already got used to that softer tires more quickly, but in the UK it was not quite like that. The difference in speed between the two sets was minimal, but Soft faster wear out. This factor was decisive. Starting on Medium, Alonso on his first pit stop went back to the same type, leaving a softer set the final cut. But Webber to pursue his second pit stop went to more stringent. And when the tires Fernando “floated” the Australian enough laps to go to catch up and get ahead of the Spaniard. If laps in the race was even more, this trick could crank out and Vettel finished third, but Sebastian this time was slightly slower than his team-mate. Meanwhile, Marco, even at the end of the last race, came in second place of the overall standings of the championship, and now has reduced lead over Alonso’s leading time by seven points. A strong race in the UK and had Felipe Massa, whose fourth-place finish was the best in recent memory. Brazilian actively put pressure under the finish Kimi Raikkonen but the Finn eventually crossed the line in fifth, ahead of his team-mate Roman Grosjean (6th place). Michael Schumacher finished seventh, which is not very good, given the start to the high third place. Fireballs Mercedes at this time noticeably lacked speed. Nico Rosberg and could not do anything to show to finish the race on a distant fifteenth place. Not too well, there was a home race for pilots McLaren. Hamilton developed a strategy with a short middle segment on the soft tires, but it did not work out. Lewis qualified eighth and finished as eighth. Jenson Button earned only a point for tenth place, looked up at him from the eighteenth. And on the ninth place is Bruno Senna, who managed to overcome the resistance of the last lap Nico and not conceding forward Button. The next race will be held in two weeks – it will be the German Grand Prix, and this year it takes Hockenheim, which alternates with the Nurburgring.