The Mansory company made a 1000-strong Mercedes S63 AMG

Tuners from Mansory studio got to the new Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG W222, offering its own version for the sedan body kit, exclusive 22-inch wheels on different-Vredestein tires, and two versions of engine refinement. The aerodynamics kits for cars made from carbon fiber includes a front splitter with the pads on the air intakes, a new hood, fenders, side “skirts”, the body mirrors, diffuser and roof spoiler on the trunk lid. Inside, experts Mansory installed a new steering wheel, aluminum pedals, door sills with illuminated branded floor mats and beds. On request, the S63 AMG interior can be trimmed with carbon fiber or wood and chairs and all panels can upholster with genuine leather for every taste. If the capacity of a standard 585-horsepower V8 biturbo 5.5 liter capacity seems not enough, the company developed a program to increase its impact. Option M800 raises power to 800 “horses” 1 Nm of torque 200. In this case, with a hundred places sedan gaining 3.6 seconds – 0.4 seconds. faster than the standard version. Set M1000, as the name implies, the engine increases the return to the 1000 hp, and maximum thrust grows up to 1400 Nm. The maximum speed of the 1000 strong Mansory S63 AMG W222 is limited to 300 km/h and acceleration to hundreds of takes 3.2 seconds. To achieve this, the tuners serious technical stuffing of the car. The cost of improvements in the company did not specify. But we have to fork out for the replacement of turbochargers, compressors, installation of reinforced connecting rods and crankshaft, the optimization of the cooling system, and a new release, and more.

foto-mansory-s63_03foto-mansory-s63_06foto-mansory-s63_05foto-mansory-s63_04foto-mansory-s63_02-650x433 foto-mansory-s63_01-650x433

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