In Malibu, for sale, an elite mansion with a garage, in which there is a whole collection of expensive and rare supercars. The structure was built by engineer Steve Goldman (Steve Goldman), who designed the premises for cars in such a way as to ensure the most careful storage of cars. The garage is equipped with air conditioning, heating, and ventilation, as well as protection from dust and a special ultraviolet system that kills indoor bacteria. All this allows you to carefully guard the collection of Steve Goldman. The latter consists of 14 cars, including McLaren P1 and 12C, LaFerrari, Pagani Zonda. It is impossible not to mention the unique yellow Ferrari 360 of 2002, which is equipped with a 1,000-strong engine, working in conjunction with the transmission from the racing boat. According to Goldman himself, he traveled by this car only once. The car seemed to the collector too fast and dangerous, and sits behind the wheel of a supercar again he had no desire to arise. In the collection, built by “close family friend” Alois Ruf (Alois Ruf). For his estate in Malibu, Steve Goldman wants to raise $ 10 million, and this amount does not include the above-mentioned cars. The engineer does not want to completely leave the collection, but he is ready to sell some cars.