New Lynk & Co 02 2019 crossover

The Lynk & Co company, which belongs to the holding company of Geely, presented a commercial version of the model with serial number 02. The novelty is a crossover, the design of which is largely unified with other models of the line – the SUV 01 and the 03 sedans. The interior design of the new Lynk & Co 02 replicates the four-door interior with precision, while the screens, control buttons and handles are unified in all three models. The car received a virtual gadget, a multimedia display, a modern multimedia technology, and many options for finishing. Being built on a modular CMA platform with a transverse arrangement of the engine, the crossover reaches a length of 4,448 mm (wheelbase size is 2,702), and in height – 1,528 mm. “Two” was 64 and 122 mm shorter and below the “one”, which makes it a rather elevated cross-hatchback. For Link & Co 02 there are two versions of the rear suspension (it can be either semi-dependent or multi-link). It is also known that in comparison with the “unit” here a little-reduced ground clearance (the exact value is not disclosed) and the lower the center of gravity. The range of power units includes a 1.5-liter turbo engine with a power of 156 hp, available only with mechanics and front-wheel drive. The more expensive version comes with the same engine but forced to 179 forces. This option is combined with a seven-band preselective robot. The top modification is based on a 2.0-liter engine for 190 “mares”, which is all-wheel drive, and traction on the wheels is also transmitted via a robotic transmission. Especially for the European market, the company has prepared a hybrid version of the “02”, where the 180-liter 1.5-liter engine works in conjunction with an electric motor, while the aggregate output of the units reaches 250 forces. The battery is located in the central tunnel of the body. Recall that initially, the Chinese from the Lynk & Co company planned to sell all their models only in the maximum configuration, but then the brand management refused this idea, so now the cars are offered in several versions. The richest version has dual-zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, electric front seats, leather interior, automatic braking system and a set of electronic assistants. The start of sales of the new Lynk & Co 02 in China is scheduled for the summer of 2018, and then the car will be delivered to Europe. A release of machines for the “Old World” will be adjusted at the Volvo plant in Ghent (Belgium). However, it is not worth waiting for the appearance of a crossover and other brand models in the coming years.

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