At the Shanghai Motor Show in 2011 the Taiwanese automotive company introduced the electric Luxgen Neora sedan Concept, featuring an attractive design and a stylish interior.
Externally, the car resembles the new Hyundai Sonata with some elements of the hybrid sedan ChevroletVolt. In addition, Luxgen Neora sports a LED optics and a panoramic glass roof.
Taiwan Interior Concept boasts leather upholstery, wood accents and a large nine-inch screen infotainment system on the center console.
The movement of Neora Concept brings 245-hp electric motor, transmission point on the front axle. For the power of the electric motor corresponds to a set of lithium-ion batteries, which should be enough capacity to run 400 kilometers.
As the creators say, a sedan weighing 1 600 kg able to recruit from a place one hundred in just 6.5 seconds and a top speed of nearly 250 km/h.

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