In December 2011, the Taiwanese car manufacturer Luxgen presented to the public its first pictures of the sedan. The car was named Luxgen5, but its official premiere took place at the motor show in Taipei in the spring of 2012. The new model the global market, so in the process of setting up the car and bring it to international levels of safety standards Taiwanese resorted to foreign colleagues. Even in the base version Luxgen 5 is equipped with ABS, stabilization system, six airbags, climate control and leather interior. According to the automaker, the top-end modification Luxgen 5 sedan with automatic 6-speed manual transmission accelerates from zero to a hundred in 8.5 seconds and can pick up speed to 210 km/h. For managing all the multimedia features designed to meet the Think + system with 9-inch touch screen, which is connected with the production of smartphones HTC. Just Luxgen 5 equipped with a projection screen on the dashboard and a circular video review systems, monitoring the dead zone, crossing the line markings and night vision.

foto-luxgen5_01foto-luxgen5_02-650x408 foto-luxgen5_03-650x347