The Lumma company developed trailer CLR 558 GT

German tuning firm Lumma Design has developed for its customers, leading an active lifestyle, a special trailer, dubbed Lumma Sport. This is the trailer, which will be offered for a Lumma CLR 558 GT crossover on the basis of Porsche Cayenne diesel. Made of carbon fiber, aluminum and plastic stylish trailers can perform various tasks, in accordance with the requirements of the customer. For example, trailers can be built for the transport of personal watercraft, ATVs and snowmobiles. Options include built-in ramps, winches and manufactured by individual design. To place a hitch and ensure reliable fastening of the trailer, the tuner had to change the location of the exhaust system on the Lumma CLR 558 GT. Previously three exhaust pipe located in the center of the rear bumper, but now had to return to a more traditional dual nozzles positioned on the sides.

foto-lumma-sport-trailer_02-650x380 foto-lumma-sport-trailer_03-650x487 foto-lumma-sport-trailer_01-650x349

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