Lotus held a virtual presentation of the T128

Today, on the eve of the first test, just three F1 teams presented their new cars. The first of them was Team Lotus, introduced its virtual machine on the pages of the online magazine Team Lotus Notes. Novelty index T128 and preserved old yellow-green color. Last year was a serious test for the whole staff team, Tony Fernandez. Recall that when the reborn Lotus was built from scratch. This year the team counts on serious progress, primarily due to the use Renault engines instead Coswotrh, as well as gearboxes Red Bull. The team has retained its last year’s composition, its pilots in the 2011 season will be experienced Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen. Both rely on a serious progress and the opportunity to fight for points in the race. As for the controversy over the use of the name in the name of the Lotus team, the issue should be resolved in court in the last week of March already after the first race in Bahrain.

lotus-t128_01 lotus-t128_02 lotus-t128_03

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