Lotus Exige Sport 380 has received a modification

In the sports car Lotus Exige, a new modification, that the British manufacturer calls “a murderer supercars”. Novelty, Sport 380 index, was the easy, fast and powerful version of the model. Lotus Exige Sport 380 weighs only 1066 kg (25 pounds lighter modification Exige Sport 350). The company notes that facilitate the construction of a compartment managed by installing an upgraded body kit, rear window made of carbonate, carboxylic skeletons racing seats and lightweight brakes and wheels. In addition, weight loss contributed to the replacement of the standard battery Li-ion battery. The movement of “murderer supercars” leads the 3.5-liter V6 engine, which is combined with either a six-speed mechanics or the same machine. This engine is capable of 380 hp and 410 Nm, which is 30 “horses” and 10 Nm of torque more than the Exige Sport 350. This filling allows the sports car “shoot” from zero to hundred in 3.5 seconds (- 0.4 seconds) and reaches a maximum speed 286 km/h. Note that the British are equipped modification of another front splitter, rear wing and new diffuser upgraded. At a maximum speed of this kit generates 140 kg of downforce, which is 60% more than the embodiment with an index of 350. The surcharge for the new Lotus Sport 380 can be ordered whole roof of carbon fiber and titanium exhaust system. There is a list of options and track pack, which is included in the custom Eibach stabilizers firm roll bar and adjustable Nitron dampers. Price Exige Sport 380 in the UK starts at £ 67,900.

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