Lotus Evora sports car can become all-terrain

In the future, the family of sports cars Lotus Evora can replenish crossover. While this information is only a rumor, but foreign publishers believe that the official announcement will take place in March of 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show, where the manufacturer promises to present an updated version of the Evora.
Some models do not plan to release the British, so it is assumed that the crossover will be the kind of all-terrain version of the original sports car. Foreign journalists believe that the new product will get a protective lining on the body, while the ground clearance of the car will be significantly increased. It is interesting that this crossover will only rear wheel drive.
Undergo changes and design of a sports car. It is made in the same style as the other cars updated family Lotus Evora. So far we only know that the thresholds want to do lower and thinner, thus landing in the interior will be much easier.
Off-road version also will receive more powerful engines with supercharging. According to rumors, the modification of the original will be easier, and therefore the dynamics of new items will be on a very high level.


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