In the SDA provides for a lot of penalties for those who violated the rules of drivers, but the strictest, of course, is the loss of a driving license. Let us consider all situations in which one can be left without rights.

Departure for a friend

When crossing a solid markup or for leaving an encounter in a place where it is strictly forbidden, and also when driving on a one-way road against its course, a careless driver will have to shell out for 5,000 rubles or become a pedestrian for 4-6 months. Repeated licks will definitely lead to deprivation of rights, and immediately for a year

Get behind the wheel of drunk – the surest way to stay without a driver’s license. If the traffic police officers stop the drunk driver, the latter will not only have to say goodbye to the rights for a period of one and a half to two years.

To bear the similar punishment it is necessary also to the owner of the vehicle which has started up behind a wheel of the tipsy person, and also at refusal of medical izvidelesvovanija.

But with repeated violations of the fine and deprivation of rights can not get rid of – a motorist faces a criminal case and imprisonment for up to two years