In Los Angeles 2011, Honda introduced the Fit EV electric

Deciding not to wait for a home in Tokyo Motor Show, Honda showed representatives in Los Angeles, the new electric vehicle, built on the base Honda Fit 2 hatchback. By its name prefix model has already EV and will soon appear on the market. The power unit of the new Fit EV – the electric motor is 96 kW, which is powered by a lithium-ion battery capacity of 20 kWh. Dynamic characteristics of new items not specified. It is known that electric Honda Fit will be equipped with a system which, depending on driving style, can regulate energy consumption. Charge the battery should last for 200 kilometers, and a full charge using a 240-volt outlet is carried out in three hours. It is expected that the production of Honda Fit EV will begin in 2012, but for those who want a hatchback will be available only in a year after the appearance on the conveyor and then only as a leased vehicle. Get Fit EV rental will be available in the US states of California and Oregon. The initial cost of an electric vehicle is expected at 38,600 dollars, and the monthly rental will cost $ 399. Despite the fact that the hatchback is still in concept form, Honda aims to sell 1 100 copies in the next three years.

foto-honda-fit-ev_02-650x487 foto-honda-fit-ev_03-650x487 foto-honda-fit-ev_01-650x487

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