German studio Lorinser presented a program of completions for new sedan the Mercedes E-Class W213, which will certainly appeal to customers who believe that design is not sufficiently distinctive.
Distinguish visited in Lorinser machine from the source code can be by the presence of carboxylic overlays on skirts, front splitter and spoiler on the trunk lid. Additionally, the wheels set tuners E-class forged wheels RS11.
In general, the installation of the package to make it possible to design the exterior of the car more aggressive, especially in the modification Lorinser E50 with stickers on the body, the basis of which was taken by the Mercedes-AMG E43 4MATIC .
As for performance, the aforementioned Lorinser E50 in motion causes a 3.0-liter “six” power of 440 hp, which is 40 more strength than the factory version. Dynamic characteristics such chetyrehdverki and upgrade cost is not specified.