New London taxi LEVC TX with a power reserve of 642 km

The London Taxi Company, engaged in the release of cabs, has announced the name change at London EV Company (LEVC) and introduced the first hybrid taxi LEVC TX. Executive Director Chris LEVC Gabby said that in terms of exterior design hybrid cab has retained its original rectangular grille and round headlights and DRLs. Plus, the car received a panoramic roof and rear passenger doors opening to an angle of 90 degrees. You can carry just six passengers on LEVC TX, which is located in the rear of the cabin, facing each other. These services include access point Wi-Fi and separate climate control. Wheelchair users can call into the cab interior with the help of a retractable ramp, the door handles and seat edges are painted in a contrasting color, which should help the visually impaired to safely fit inside. Making the driver’s seat resembles Volvo cars. Here it is the same engine start button, similar wheel, and Sensus big screen multimedia system, the latter being more developed towards the driver. At the site of the front passenger (with the driver) is traditionally located a compartment for luggage. For a basis of a new platform, LEVC TX eCity was taken, which was designed by the Swedes from Volvo. The car has received an aluminum frame, and to reduce its mass use bonding, which in turn has improved vibroacoustic comfort cabin. Hybrid cab kept rear-wheel drive layout and moving it causes the electric motor working in conjunction with a small gasoline engine. The company says that the total stock of LEVC TX reserve is 643 km, with 112 km the car is able to drive in pure electric. At the stations, rapid charging refill batteries with 0 to 80% is possible in just 20 minutes. Releasing LEVC TX and other electrified models eCity platform will be at the new plant in the English village of Anstey, in a suburb of Coventry. It is expected that after the cab on the conveyor is put commercial van, which should appear on the market in 2018 Taxi companies can order LEVC TX from August 1, 2017. At the same time, the company will be announced and the price of the car, but on the streets of London cab hybrid should appear in the 2018th. Note that the new demand not only in the UK. For example, the Dutch firm RM already pre-order for the purchase of 225 taxis.

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