Lexus LS + Concept outlined the restyling of the flagship sedan

The company Lexus presented at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 concept sedan LS +. The car is a harbinger of the restyling version of LS of the new generation, which the Japanese intend to hold by 2020.

The conceptual Lexus LS + received a special body design that was revised according to the new styling of L-finesse. The sedan got headlights with a laser-phosphor section, boomerangs of navigation lights and a radiator grille even more bizarre. Interestingly, the cells of the latter are overlapped by a cunning mechanism, thereby providing a lower drag coefficient.

The prototype was equipped with cameras instead of side mirrors and massive 22-inch wheels, the design of which resembles the turbine blades. At the rear of the model, there are narrow rear lights that are visually combined with each other using a transverse strip.

In addition to changes in appearance, the Lexus LC + Concept has a system of autonomous control of the Highway Teammate, capable of taking control of the car on its own when exiting the motorway. According to Japanese experts, the prototype can pour into the flow, maintain a safe distance, rebuild between the ranks, and also move from one track to another.

Correct work of Highway Teammate is provided by radars and stereocameras, and thanks to Big Data technology the autopilot is able to self-learn, each time better and better analyzing the situation on the road.

As part of the presentation of the LS + concept, Lexus experts said that updates for the autopilot with data on the road infrastructure and new functions can be downloaded via a multimedia system (similarly, Tesla electric cars are updated).

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