Lexus LFA supercar 2013, prices and equipment

Great sound racing Lexus LFA supercar (rate it on the video) is achieved by a titanium exhaust system with three nozzles and of equal length exhaust manifolds. Vehicle weight is 1480 kg – it contributed to the reduction made of hydrocarbon reinforced plastic body panels. Lexus LFA is equipped with powerful ceramic brakes capable of stopping the car with any speed as efficiently as possible. Beautiful 20-inch wheels “shod” in the racing tire dimensions 265/35ZR20 front and 305/30ZR20 – rear.
Externally, the car is not like any one of the other models of the Japanese manufacturer, but the design of new products, no one leaves no doubt that in front of him is a supercar with serious potential. Production models will be launched in December 2010 and will end exactly two years. In total, the company plans to produce 500 copies of the LFA. The starting price is equal to Lexus LFA 375,000 dollars and more powerful version of Service Nurburgring another 70,000 dollars more.

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