The edition Carscoops informs, that for Lexus LC 500 coupe the exclusive shade of a body became accessible the creation of which experts of the Japanese brand were engaged for 15 years. It’s about a blue color called “Structural Blue”. Its development involved specialists of technical centers Lexus in the US and Japan. Plus, the automaker was helped by VIAVI Solutions. The creation of such an exclusive shade of Japanese inspired the butterfly Morpho. The shade itself is based on a pigment with 40 separate layers, while its distinctive feature is the ability to constantly change depending on the intensity of lighting, which is explained in the company by a complex nanostructure that resembles small flakes. Representatives of the Japanese brand note that conventional pigment paints can reflect at least 50% of the visible blue color, while “Structural Blue” reflects the entire 100%. To paint one Lexus LS you need about 300 grams of pigment, which contain 300 billion “flakes”. The paint itself is applied in a thin layer of 15 micrometers between the substrate and the protective layer. During the day, only two cars are painted in a special shade.