Lewis Hamilton won the rain the Japanese Grand Prix in 2014

Knowing that the region is approaching a powerful typhoon, the promoters of the Japanese Grand Prix in 2014 did not agree to hold the race for a couple of hours earlier than planned. As a result, it was necessary to give the start behind the safety car, because the track at this point, there was too much water. According to the rules for the calculation of half the points enough to overcome at least two laps, and full points are awarded after overcoming 75% of the total number of laps. And that’s after two laps behind the safety car the race was stopped by red flags. However, after a relatively short time rain fell, and the back of the field once again continued movement Safety Car. Unfortunately, at this moment because of problems with the electronics I had to get Fernando Alonso. But after the tenth round safety car left the track, allowing riders to finally fight. Immediately afterwards Jenson Button went on intermediate tires, and when he appeared to them much faster than many on rain tires, followed the example of the British most of the contenders. The boxes did not go only Jules Bianchi of Marussia, which is due to this at some point, even came in third place. And that Jules for a few laps before the finish line was in a serious accident, crashing into a tractor, which at that time evacuated the broken car Sauber emitted from the track Adrina Sutil. Unconscious Frenchman was taken to the hospital by car, because the weather was not a helicopter flight. As for the struggle for the victory, then Nico Rosberg held the lead for a long time, but on a set of intermediate tires of his car suffered from oversteer, which had not experienced Hamilton. As a result, Luce was able to prepare and carry out the attack, securing a first career victory at Suzuka and a 10-point advantage in the standings. During Saturday’s qualification management team Red Bull hinted that their machines have been set up in the rain race. It seems that not fooled, as the rain and Riccardo Vettel managed to get ahead of both drivers of the Williams team for a long time and he went to third Button. The race was stopped by red flags after 46 range, but the final report drawn up at the end of the 44th. And if at the time the suspension was listed third Riccardo, the two circles was previously ahead of Vettel – he and climbed to the third step of the podium, but the Australian was the fourth. Jenson Button, despite his competent strategy, as a result remained fifth, but it’s still managed to beat faster representatives Williams – Walter Bottas (6th place) and Felipe Massa (7th). Also in the top ten broke both representatives of Force India – Nico (8th place) and Sergio Perez (10th place).


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