Lewis Hamilton won the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2014

Starting from pole position, Hamilton confidently won the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2014, passing prolidirovav from start to finish and set the fastest lap of the race. And Mercedes has confirmed the excellent form of his team-mate Nico Rosberg, crossed the finish line second, earning double for the team. But Red Bull is very quickly rehabilitated after a poor pre-season tests. The Australian Daniel Ricardo finished second, but was disqualified due to excessive fuel consumption on his car, and in Malaysia, the third step of the podium went up Sebastian Vettel. Himself Daniel most of the distance was in fourth place, but one of the pit stops mechanic failed to fix the left front wheel, then the car had to manually return back to the pits, and then the Australian punished the 10-second penalty stop & go, then followed a broken front wing because of the wide out on the curb. As a result of the gathering. And the fourth place went to Fernando Alonso, but he got it for a reason, and in the course of a bitter fight with Nico in the final laps. Last finished fifth, but this place can be called a very successful result for the German rider and his Indian team. Especially against the background before the start of the problems encountered by his team-mate Sergio Perez, who was not able to take part in the race. Jenson Button finished sixth, managed to keep behind the two pilots of the team Williams. All thanks to the fact that Felipe Massa (7th) and Walter Bottas (8th place) arranged between a fierce struggle on the last lap. The Brazilian was on the radio the information that his partner will at the expense of fresh rubber, but Felipe did not pass the Finn, as the latter is not an advantage seemed too obvious. On the first lap he damaged his front wing in the attack on Kimi. As a result, the pilot Ferrari with a punctured wheel rolled at the end of the peloton and was able to finish only 12th. And for this episode Kevin otshtrafovali 5-second stop & go. Despite the terrible heat and had not started to rain in Malaysia was not so, and a lot of retirements due to technical reasons. Thus, concerns about the unreliability of technology, especially in the first race did not materialize. Posmorim that will be in Bahrain – where the race will take place just a week. For the first time it will be held there in artificial light.


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