Lewis Hamilton won the Italian Grand Prix 2015

Having won in Saturday’s qualifying pole, Lewis Hamilton and without any problems win the Italian Grand Prix in 2015, looking at the finish from the nearest pursuer by as much as 25 seconds. In general, unlike several previous races at Monza there is nothing special. Is that Kimi Raikkonen failed start, rolled to the very end of the back of the field, and both pilots Lotus team got off on the first lap distance, but had a great chance to earn a lot of points. But a few laps to go there was intrigue. The team asked on the radio already in the lead Hamilton attack struggled, without mentioning the fact no reason. Almost immediately there was an engine failure, but not the car of Lewis and his team-mate Nico. Circling sluggish at the start Raikkonen, Rosberg fell back to sixth position, being behind the two Williams. But later, as has happened many times during the season, Nico managed to win at the expense of early pit stop. As a result, the pilot of the Mercedes was third, claiming the podium. And – suddenly Rosberg lost any points because of the descent, and his partner, thanks to the fortieth victory in his career, stretched their lead in the standings to 53 points again. However, later it turned out that at the start of the tires on the car of the winner were below the recommended pressure Pirelli. That is why the team and asked Hamilton to attack on the last lap, fearing a fine stop & go, which is replaced by an addition of 25 seconds to the result after the finish when the race was unable to serve the penalty. Representatives stable due to the stewards of the race for the proceedings. But no penalties are not threatened Sebastian, finished second to the delight of local fans. And Kimi Raikkonen for Ferrari finally managed to break into fifth place. Gathering Rosberg allowed Felipe Massa to finish third and on the podium. At the same time the last three laps of his attacking team-mate Walter Bottas. The fight was tight, but the Brazilian survived, but the Finn remained fourth. In the absence of both the sixth and seventh Lotus checkered flag saw representatives of Force India – Sergio Perez and Nico, respectively. Eighth went Marcus Ericsson at Sauber, but just on the last lap ahead of his Daniel Ricardo, pushing the Swede in the ninth position. The next race will be held in two weeks – it will be a night Grand Prix in Singapore.


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