Lewis Hamilton won the home British Grand Prix in 2015

Incredibly exciting race turned out the British Grand Prix in 2015, although a podium still get quite traditional for the current season. Lewis Hamilton won in front of home stands, increasing the gap in the standings from team-mate Nico, who saw the checkered flag in second. But it all began for them is not so rosy. Both representatives Williams started the better, so that the leaders once came Felipe Massa and Walter Bottas initially slipped to third place, and then managed to get around Hamilton in the fight for second. Efforts Finn and attack Felipe, but the Brazilian’s pass he could not. All these four markedly divorced from his pursuers, and the fifth was Nico, leaving behind the two Ferraris. And if Kimi Raikkonen has to keep track of, then Sebastian Vettel fared quite unimportant. At some point, Seb rolled right on to ninth place. Changes have taken place in the camp of the leaders in the pit stop. The first went for fresh tires, Hamilton – and this turned out to be a winning strategy. After stopping the rivals Lewis came out on top and began to increase the gap. But Rosberg was not lucky – he remained fourth, but on the race track at the time was coming gradually rain. The first charge of the rain was not too strong, but some outsiders yet switched to intermediate tires. The same is done in the Ferrari for Kimi, but the decision proved to be wrong. The route for the most part remained dry so quickly Kimi Meester rain set, so when I went to a real downpour, the tires on the car world has stopped working properly. Better than the others at that moment bearings Hamilton and Vettel, Lewis made it possible to increase its lead and bring the race to win, and Sebastian managed to get into third place on the podium, it seemed highly unlikely in the first half of the race. As to Williams, then Rosberg finished with two straight on the road. In wet conditions the car Mercedes proved much more effective. In the end, after a long period of leading Felipe Massa at the finish was only the fourth and Walter Bottas – fifth. Hitch on the pit stop cost the higher the position of Hulkenberg, who ended up seventh. Behind him finished Kimi Raikkonen (8th place) and Sergio Perez (9th place). And the first point of the season for tenth place Fernando Alonso earned. However, this happened only because of the numerous gatherings – classified at this time there were only 13 pilots. Well, then we will have not two, but three-week break before the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2015 – not far off the equator Championship.


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