Lewis Hamilton won the Grand Prix of Spain 2014

Lewis Hamilton won the Spanish Grand Prix in 2014, and this victory was his first in Barcelona, ​​but it is already the fourth consecutive season. In addition, in the first place finish allowed him to become the leader of the standings, ahead of his team-mate Nico. Himself Nico crossed the finish line second – the remaining contenders to compete in the “Silver Arrows” simply had no chance. Daniel Ricardo finished third behind Hamilton by 49 seconds, and almost the entire back of the field, up to seventh place, behind the pilots of the Mercedes a circle. As for Rosberg, then without a fight, he still did not give up going to go the distance on a different tack. As a result, the final segment of a German soft tire proved to be more than that of Luce, so the finish line less than a second to separate them. However, while Nico regularly concedes. But who can really be pleased with him, so it’s Sebastian Vettel, who after qualifying still had to change the gearbox on his car, which led to a fine plus five positions. As a result, Cebu had to start from the far 15th place, but it did not prevent him to break through to the finish line in fourth, ahead during the race and quick Bottas, and both pilots Ferrari, and many others. Walter had a good start, ahead of Riccardo, but then the Finn still lost to the Australian, and closer to the finish line and overtook him overtook Vettel also in the fresh set of tires. But in fifth place Bottas can be considered quite decent, especially against the partner. Felipe Massa for a long time kept in the top ten, but after a pit stop, lost pace and at the finish line was only 13th. Lost and Roman, a long time to keep in the top five. His loss of pace was not as serious as that of Felipe, but still the Frenchman finished only eighth. A top ten rounded out by representatives of Force India, and Sergio Perez (9th place) was ahead of Nico (10th place). But the pilots of the Scuderia Ferrari in Spain, could not boast of anything, finished the race in the same 6 and 7 places from where to start. However, Fernando Alonso, to the delight of his bolelshikov, yet managed to get ahead of Kimi Raikkonen, but kinder result can hardly hold them both. But even this result is better than retirements, which grasped his team-mate Jean-Eric. Let’s see what happens in Monaco – race through the narrow streets of the principality will be held in two weeks.


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